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Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped
Silicone-Filled Breast Implants

by Dr. Lewis J. Obi

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Dr. Lewis J. Obi

With the FDA’s long awaited approval of Natrelle’s 410 Silicone-Filled breast implant, known around the world as the “Gummy Bear” Implant because of its non-liquid, composition, Dr. Lewis Obi became the first Plastic surgeon in the Jacksonville area to perform a breast augmentation procedure using the new Gummy Bear Implants. “We are very excited to help bring the gummy bear implant to Jacksonville. We expect the Natrelle 410 implant to be the choice of many of our patients. Its teardrop shape, realistic feel and excellent patient satisfaction ratings make it a very popular option.”

Dr. Lewis Obi is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice in Jacksonville Florida for more than 40 years.

Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic is the leading plastic surgery center in Jacksonville providing patients with world-class attention and care from a nationally recognized expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. Under the direction of a renowned Jacksonville plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis J. Obi, our established Jacksonville plastic surgery center provides patients with cutting-edge cosmetic surgery technologies and aesthetic enhancements.

Dr. Lewis J. Obi specializes in advanced plastic surgery techniques and has partnered with many medical device and equipment manufactures to assist in advances in plastic surgery.

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The Natrelle® 410 Shaped Gel Breast Implant    also known as the “Gummy Bear Implant”

An alternative to round breast implants    with a more natural shape.

You now have more choices when considering breast augmentation. While round implants have their benefits, the new anatomically shaped profile - “gummy bear” implants are now available in Jacksonville at the Obi Plastic Surgery Center. With the FDA’s recent approval for use in the United States, the #1 Surgeon - preferred shaped gel implant in Europe and Canada is now brought to you by Lewis J. Obi, M.D. in Jacksonville Florida.

A New Breast Implant The Gummy Bear Implant is an anatomically shaped gel implant specifically designed to resemble the natural curves of a woman’s breast while holding its shape. Schedule a consultation to consider the advantages of the new “Gummy Bear” Gel Implant.
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Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation in Jacksonville

Higher Satisfaction Rates & Proven to be Safe

The Gummy Bear breast implant or Natrelle 410 breast implant has benefits over traditional round breast implants and is safe in two ways:

1. The Gummy Bear breast implant stays in place.

The Natrelle “Gummy Bear” breast implant was
developed with a cohesive gel filler that holds
together, (maintains its shape) and stays in place.

In seven years of observation, the Gummy Bear
breast implant has experience no gel migration
making it one of the most stable breast implants.

2. In Primary Breast Augmentations,
    the Gummy Bear breast
    implant has a lower
    capsular contracture rate.

A lower capsular contracture rate
means that with the Natrelle 410
“Gummy Bear” Shaped Gel Breast
Implant causes less tightening
of scar tissue than traditional round
silicone implants. Capsular Contracture
is known to cause the actual breast to harden.
This benefit also reduces the possible need
for reoperation.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Jacksonville

An Implant that Holds its Shape

All gel implants are not the same! The Natrelle 410 “Gummy Bear” Breast Implant available at Obi Obi Plastic Surgery Center in Jacksonville is engineered to be a more naturally shaped implant. It is also designed to hold its shape through a new advanced silicone “gel” technology - (how is has come to be known as the “Gummy Bear” breast implant). The silicone gel delivers another significant benefit in that it holds its more natural looking shape and fullness.

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